HydroSplice Instructions

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SubSplice kits may be ordered for the following cables (use the part number shown):

2 – 4 conductor HS-04-U1
6 conductor HS-06-U1
8 conductor HS-08-U1
9 – 12 conductor HS-12-U1
13 – 16 conductor HS-16-U1


HydroSplice marine cable splice kits were developed to provide a fast, consistent and reliable method of splicing underwater electrical cable.


A number of recent technical advances in elastomeric shrink tube technology have enabled us to put together a new type of marine splice kit.


The HydroSplice marine cable splice kit has 3 advantages over traditional methods of splicing:

  • Speed – these splice kits can be installed very quickly. This can be an advantage while working offshore.
  • Consistency – these splice kits can be installed by anyone with consistent results. There is a very little skill development curve as with tape splices.
  • Reliability – the advanced materials used and the fact that the shrink tubes are vulcanized in their “recovered” dimensions means that they retain their “grip” for many years. This is a long time relative to Teflon which has poo cold flow characteristics over time.

HydroSplice kits contain everything necessary, including the following components:

  • Soldering tubes, clear (1 per conductor)
  • Conductor overtubes, clear (1 per conductor)
  • Jacket overtube, black (10″ – 12″)
  • Sealing tape
  • Solvent cleaning wipe
  • Drying wipe

Splice kits are available for all HydroVolt connectors (2-16 conductor, 18 & 16 AWG). We also offer kits for most other connectors including coax, twisted shielded pair, etc. Call the factory with your cable specs and we will suggest the appropriate kit.

All tubes are sized for both 18 and 16 AWG conductors. The jacket overtube is sized according to the number of conductors. For other wire sizes, coax, shields, or other conductor counts, please call.


HydroSplice splice kits are intended for professional applications to be installed by trained technicians. This is not a consumer product. The advantage of HydroSplice is to be able to get back to work quickly after a cable breakage where time is critical, such as offshore. The splice technician will need some type of cable holding fixture, a professional heat gun, and for crimp type splice kits, a special purpose crimp tool available from us.

For consumer applications, where time is not critical, we recommend either 3M or Raychem kits designed for such end use. These kits take longer because they require cure time, but are actually better for most consumer applications. Further they do not require special tools.

Even for professionals, if you need to make only a single splice, we do not recommend this kit. It takes a number of practice splices to gain proficiency. And the special tools required make a single splice uneconomical.



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