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We are in the process of tooling for our new Low Profile connectors. The HydroVolt Low Profile series is a rugged and compact right-angle receptacle series of connectors. It will be the most rugged low profile design available, and will have a number of other advantages over its competitors. We hope to be shipping production units in December 2009. In the mean time, please take a look at its features by clicking on the buttons to the left.

Multiple Shank lengths and styles to choose from. With a right angle receptacle, the customer usually needs to control the clocking (axis of direction). With a bulkhead type of receptacle, this requires that a retaining nut arrangement be used. However, mounting thickness’ are different depending on application and depth. With HydroVolt LP connectors, the customer may specify the shank length and type for his application.

Innovative new retaining system. The disadvantage of low profile designs has always been the difficulty of adding any kind of locking device to hold the plug and receptacle together. We have developed an innovative new retaining system. We call it a retaining spider. It can be snapped into place after mating. It is the same width as the connectors so does not interfere with mounting in a channel.



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