Underwater Electrical Connectors
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bulkhead female image Bulkheads:
Bulkhead connector receptacles are designed to be mounted to your pressure vessel. They are capable of handling 10,000 psi pressure differential (open face). Bulkheads are available in aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. Other materials can be made by special request.
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inline female image Inlines:
Inline connector plugs are available as pigtails or can be molded onto your cable. The standard pigtail length is 1 meter. However, you may specify any length. Inline connectors plug into a bulkhead receptacle or another inline connector.
inline male image
pbof female image PBOF:
PBOF/Overmold connectors may be used as PBPF (pressure balanced oil filled) or overmolded inline connectors. There is a groove that fits standard size boots for use as an overmold type.
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overmold female image Overmold:
Overmold connectors are for customers who have their own in-house molding capability. The customer may attach almost any type of cable and overmold it to the connector. They have 2 grooves for tensile strength and a knurled area for rotational strength.
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dummie female image Dummies:
Dummy connectors are used to blank off either a bulkhead receptacle or an inline connector to prevent salt water from touching the gold plated contacts.
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locking sleeve female image

Locking Sleeves:
Although not necessary for operations, locking sleeves can make sure that connectors will not disengage due to pulling loads on the cable. Locking sleeves are available in Delrin, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel,

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HydroVolt: A - Size, 1" (25mm) dia - Product Range